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The shampoo and conditioner work especially good if you have longer hair. My hair is probably almost a foot long from my roots. Not only do these smell fresh and clean, but they make my hair so silky and smooth. I like really any Herbal essences product however this shampoo and conditioner probably works best in my hair. It definitely helps make it look healthier and bouncy.

The totally twisted hair mousse scent, level two, is to die for. It is my absolute favorite hair product scent and I love it. Its a wild cherry twist with jewel orchard. It makes my hair so soft and enhances natural curls and waves. It also adds body and holds your style in place.

The body boost spray has worked wonders for my hair. I have a lot of healthy hair and it weighs down my roots. That means getting volume can become an issue. The body boost spray works great. You just pick up a piece of your hair and spray it on the root before you blow dry. It doesn’t make it look greasy or crusty. You can’t even tell that product is in your hair. Well, except for the great volume(;

I highly recommend any of these hair products. If you tried them and loved them as much as I did let me know(: Or if they didn’t work for you, Id love to know why and I can recommend some different products.


I purchased all of these hair products from Walmart however you can most likely find them in any drugstore or online. Click below for easy shopping.

Body Boost Spray

Shampoo and Conditioner



Okay so this weeks easy manicure is simply adorable! Who doesn’t love a cute little panda? The only colors you will need are black and white. Detail brushes for nails or detail pens would make this look a lot easier to achieve but if you do not have these, you can substitute them with a toothpick. So first you are going to take you white nail polish and about half way on you nail, make a curved line with the arc pointed towards your cutical. Paint the bottom half of the arch white. After that dries, take your black nail polish and make two little circles on the top of the arc about 1/4 in and 3/4 in. These are the ears. Next make two bigger black circles for the eyes a little bit closer together than the ears. Then do one more teeny tiny black dot below the eyes, in the middle. That is the nose. After your black dries, take a little bit more of the white and put a dot on each eye towards the bottom going in the direction of the nose. And your done!

                                                                                                    Finished Product

I love this look of the smokey purple eye, especially because I have green eyes. I discovered how to do this look mainly the night of a formal dance and I was wearing a purple dress. My mom, who used to be a beautition, did my makeup for me and I loved it. So I tried it again myself. Lets get strted(:

First of course you want to do you foundation, primer, base, all that fun stuff. I used a liquid foundation and a concealer. Next, you want to take a white or vanilla color. Take an eye shadow brush and put it on the inner corners of your eyes, your brow bones, and lightly on your lids. Next take a shade of purple of your choice. My was Maybelline’s sexy smokes Amethyst. Apply the purple starting in the middle of your lid and carrying it out to the outer corner, almost giving it a feathery, disperaring, and smoley look off your eye. Next take a darker color, like a grey-ish black and apply some at the very outer corner. Then bled all together, apply liner, mascara and your good to go.

Heres my  example:

Unless your on the red carpet, you wont see many lace dresses unless its summer. But when you do see them, what do you think? Wow that’s really cute, woah girl cover up, is that my grandma’s curtains, or eh not for me? Well here are some do’s and don’ts to go with those opinions.

When you wear a lace dress, obviously its made to be light weight, classy, and sometimes even revealing. But that doesn’t mean that that’s how other people see it.




Just recently, I have found a way to make my eyelashes look glamorous. They almost look fake. How to do it? Wear two mascaras at the same time. One being a separator/definer and the other being length defining. The first one I put on is Almay One Coat Dial Up, on 3. Then shortly after I apply Maybelline New York’s Illegal Length, with fiber extensions.  Your lashes feel light weight but look feathery and fake. You don’t have to use these to brands, but so far it has worked best for me. Good luck!


Once known as a small accessory has turned big. Chunky, gaudy rings are in, especially in the spring. Flowers seem to be the most common design found. I’ve also seen dragons, bugs, tigers, owls, suns, birds, and simple swirls. There are slightly smaller rings and there are huge rings. They make a great accessory, especially when they match your earrings. So cute! Take a look:


My mother and I are both very guilty of buying scarves. But how can you stick to a certain amount when there are so many different colors, designs, patterns, materials and styles? Scarves are a great accessory almost every time of the year. There’s Spring scarves, Winter scarves, and Fall scarves. A scarf can jazz up your outfit and make you look cute and classy. Its a very feminine and pretty. You can wear scarves with sweaters, tee shirts, long sleeves, blouses, jackets, hoodies, even dresses! You’d be crazy to not own at least one scarf. There are endless out fit possibilities. And you don’t have to wear a scarf just around your neck. They can also be a very cute head piece. Glam it up!

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