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Hey Everybody! I havn’t been on my blog in so long, its not even funny. My knowledge of fashion and beauty has expanded so much since I’ve last posted and I can’t wait to post more on a regular basis! Hope you are all still interested in reading my posts. I found this awesome website that I’m obsessed with called Polyvore. You can make so many outfits and shar them with people. So you’ll definitly see some from me. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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Black shorts
$29 –

2b studded purse


164I think that these are just so cute and flirty. I love the royal blue color and all of the bows make it look so girly and chic. I like the clutch also but not a huge fan of the skull knob/piece on it. I really like the red under color of the shoes too(: I would wear these with a cute dress or ever a little black dress.

So not too long ago I posted my fashion farewell. But I have decided to continue doing my blog anyway because I actually enjoy it and its amazing that I’ve connected with other people from around the country who share the same passion. Now I”m excited! I can actually put more of MY pictures on here. Woohoo(:

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To all my followers here on my blog, I thought I should inform you that I there will not be any more posts from Pretty Passions. For those who didn’t know, I took  this blogging class in school and it is the end of the semester. I really enjoyed sharing my fashion and beauty tips and ideas with everyone and I also enjoyed reading yours. But don’t be sad! I also have a you-tube channel that I just started on beauty and fashion. So instead of blogging, I’ll be vlogging! Makeup and clothes and such will always be a big passion of mine and I don’t plan on letting it go anytime soon. I just have to let go of my blog. Maybe I will continue doing more posts in the future as I strive for college in the cosmetology field. Or even before then to tell you all about my journey  Thank you so much for understanding and even reading my blog! It really means a lot to me. Take care!

With much love,

Devan McKinley

(my youtube name is Chakeeta15)

Ever had a killer outfit then looked down and gone “Same old boring shoes.”

Shoes and accessories make the outfit! So stop wearing those same boring

shoes and glam up your outfit even more. A bedazzled or bright colored

heal (or any shoe really) can definitely make a statement.

Lets use heals as an example. Which of these pictures grabs your attention more below?:                       

 Both look great and cute. However look how fun those bright heels are and

how much they bring out her outfit. Fabulous! Nothing boring about it.

Now look at the picture of the girl with the bright heels, and picture them black.

Not as exciting right?

Don’t be afraid to be fierce and make your outfit pop with your favorite

bright colored shoe!