Until just earlier I only knew three different ways to wear a scarf. Sad right? Well I just found 25 different ways. Mind=blown.

1.) The Modern Loop

2.) The Classic Drape

3.) The bunny Ear

4.) The Double Rainbow

5.) The Turtleneck

6.) The Infinity

7.) The Toss

8.) The European Loop

9.) The Basic Loop

10.) The Wrap

11.) The Mira

12.) The Celebrity

13.) The Waterfall

14.) The Boa

15.) The Magic Trick

16.) The Fake Knot

17.) The X

18.) The Key Tie

19.) The Braid

20.) The Twist and Pull

21.) The Hidden Knot

22.) The Men’s Tie

23.) The DIY Infinity

24.) The Decoration

25.) The Shell Roll

These work for all Fall and Winter looks. Heres a video that shows you how to do each one: