Okay so this weeks easy manicure is simply adorable! Who doesn’t love a cute little panda? The only colors you will need are black and white. Detail brushes for nails or detail pens would make this look a lot easier to achieve but if you do not have these, you can substitute them with a toothpick. So first you are going to take you white nail polish and about half way on you nail, make a curved line with the arc pointed towards your cutical. Paint the bottom half of the arch white. After that dries, take your black nail polish and make two little circles on the top of the arc about 1/4 in and 3/4 in. These are the ears. Next make two bigger black circles for the eyes a little bit closer together than the ears. Then do one more teeny tiny black dot below the eyes, in the middle. That is the nose. After your black dries, take a little bit more of the white and put a dot on each eye towards the bottom going in the direction of the nose. And your done!

                                                                                                    Finished Product