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Until just earlier I only knew three different ways to wear a scarf. Sad right? Well I just found 25 different ways. Mind=blown.

1.) The Modern Loop

2.) The Classic Drape

3.) The bunny Ear

4.) The Double Rainbow

5.) The Turtleneck

6.) The Infinity

7.) The Toss

8.) The European Loop

9.) The Basic Loop

10.) The Wrap

11.) The Mira

12.) The Celebrity

13.) The Waterfall

14.) The Boa

15.) The Magic Trick

16.) The Fake Knot

17.) The X

18.) The Key Tie

19.) The Braid

20.) The Twist and Pull

21.) The Hidden Knot

22.) The Men’s Tie

23.) The DIY Infinity

24.) The Decoration

25.) The Shell Roll

These work for all Fall and Winter looks. Heres a video that shows you how to do each one:



There are endless possibilities for hairstyles, but there are some that are particular popular during each season. This fall, there are 5 styles that are super cute and completely easy.

1.) Short bangs. Side swept bangs are much more common than the elegant yet bold all coverage bangs.

2.) Glammed up head bands. Sparkly little head bands can jazz up your outfit in no time. Very cute.

3.) A deep chestnut color or one with dark reds is very in for the fall. Gorgeous in the sun or in the shade!

4.) A thick side braid. Whether its french, standard, or fish tailed. Any kind of side bride with out without braids.

5.) A knotted or messy bun. Cute  and effortless.

Examples with celebs with these styles here:

In the summer when your working on your tan, there are many colors to make you look darker. But nothing works batter than neon colors. Bright pinks, greens, blues, yellows and oranges. From shoes, to nails, shirts, shorts, sun glasses, dresses and bathing suits. Sometimes, even a crisp white color can make you look tan. But only if your dark enough.

Find your favorite neon color in the summer, and your good to go with your tan. My personal favorite is a bright coral. (a shade of peachy pink)

Obviously if you go and try on a bright color while your pale as a ghost (pretty much like me) you would call me a liar. But once you get that tan, BAM you’re at least one shade darker in neon.

Need help starting your tan? Use sunless tan lotion. Works great.

My Favorite:

As seen on ELLE fashion website, one of the top 50 trends of fall is a cute, leather skirt. Its adorable but are you crazy? The skirt is way to short for this way cold weather. Take a look:

Yes its cute, but too reveling and definitely too small for Fall. It is chilly out there. I don’t know about you, but I don’t plan on wearing a skirt anytime soon. The only way I could see this possibly working is if you hade lace leggings/tights underneath. But even then, you would start to look like your dressing more for the holidays.

Ever had a killer outfit then looked down and gone “Same old boring shoes.”

Shoes and accessories make the outfit! So stop wearing those same boring

shoes and glam up your outfit even more. A bedazzled or bright colored

heal (or any shoe really) can definitely make a statement.

Lets use heals as an example. Which of these pictures grabs your attention more below?:                       

 Both look great and cute. However look how fun those bright heels are and

how much they bring out her outfit. Fabulous! Nothing boring about it.

Now look at the picture of the girl with the bright heels, and picture them black.

Not as exciting right?

Don’t be afraid to be fierce and make your outfit pop with your favorite

bright colored shoe!


 Having skinny jeans in your wardrobe can give you so many more options for outfits. You can wear thigh high, knee high, mid high, or even ankle boots with these jeans. Whether they be leather, fuzzy, shiny, soft, chunky, spiked, loose, or tight.

There are different washes and styles for everyone. Whether you like darker or light jeans, to the style of pockets. Skinny jeans looks best with a longer shirt or sweater. A shorter shirt can make your torso look thicker or stumpier. Some people can pull of a belted skinny jean with a short shirt, however that’s not what skinny jeans are intended for.

And here’s a plus. Skinny jeans make your butt look great! Weather you have a booty or you think you have no butt. I guarantee you can find a pair of skinny that are very flattering on you.

This post is all about drawing attention to your eyes using your makeup. Already know how to do this? Great! But are you using the right colors? Here’s a quick and easy way to figure it out. Just find you eye color below:

Brown: You should use neutral, earth tone colors. Browns, Vanillas, Beiges, and deep greens if you’d like.

Green: No matter what shade of green eyes you have, plums (a shade of purple) will always make your eye pop. Earth tones as well such as the browns, beiges, vanillas, and deep greens. Light greens too.

Blue: Use and shade of blue that you like, but keep in mind a little goes a long way. Sometimes blue eye shadow, even on blue eyes, can be over powering. White and creamy vanillas will give your eyes that icy pop. Light pinks and smoky grays as well.

Hazel: You can wear any of the brown or green eyed pallets found above.

Note: If you don’t have blue eyes, NEVER wear blue eye shadow.