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Hey guys! So about a month ago I purchase maybellines color studio eye tattoo in the color Bad to the Bronze, which is a warm brown color, and I love it! It says its 24 hour wear, and its no joke. I got out of the shower one day and it was still on my eye lids. The color is amazing, it lasts all day, and it doesn’t even smudge. They have a bunch of different colors and now have a new line called Metals. As always, here’s a pic(:

Maybelline Color Tattoo Bad to the Bronze




So not too long ago I posted my fashion farewell. But I have decided to continue doing my blog anyway because I actually enjoy it and its amazing that I’ve connected with other people from around the country who share the same passion. Now I”m excited! I can actually put more of MY pictures on here. Woohoo(:

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To all my followers here on my blog, I thought I should inform you that I there will not be any more posts from Pretty Passions. For those who didn’t know, I took  this blogging class in school and it is the end of the semester. I really enjoyed sharing my fashion and beauty tips and ideas with everyone and I also enjoyed reading yours. But don’t be sad! I also have a you-tube channel that I just started on beauty and fashion. So instead of blogging, I’ll be vlogging! Makeup and clothes and such will always be a big passion of mine and I don’t plan on letting it go anytime soon. I just have to let go of my blog. Maybe I will continue doing more posts in the future as I strive for college in the cosmetology field. Or even before then to tell you all about my journey  Thank you so much for understanding and even reading my blog! It really means a lot to me. Take care!

With much love,

Devan McKinley

(my youtube name is Chakeeta15)

I found a great concealer. It is now my favorite concealer and I will most likely add it to my everyday makeup look. It is the Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer.

For my skin tone, I got it in shade Ivory, but they have multiple shades as do most concealers and foundations. You twist the bottom know until the concealer comes through the tube up on to the mini brush. You just apply it to your skin and blend it in. Bye bye dark circles!

dream-lumi-concealer_pack-shot-cropYou can buy this product at any drug store such as walmart, walgreens, rite aid or cvs. Heres a quick link

Or even on ebay or at ulta or their website.


Today I am raving about Maybelline’s Eye Shadow Collection Chic Natruals. I also love the collection Modern Matallics and Stylish Smokes but I don’t have one of the pallets with me at the moment so I can’t give you all the information on those ones yet. But for the Chic Naturals I have one in shade Vanilla. It is more like a pearl color and it has a slight shimmer to it. I usually use it on my brow bone and my inner corner of my eye but sometimes all over the lid. It is a great high lighter and comes out so nicely on the brush and lid. definitely will re-buy this product.

$(KGrHqJHJCoE9rfTjDVbBPc46GUOsg~~60_35This eye shadow can be found at any drug store or online. Click here for a quick purchase.

Time to ugrade for those cheesey tools that come with your eye shadow pallet and get some real makeup tools. Here are some basics that you should have and what they are used for:

Eye Shadow Brush 


A Speacilly sheered, smooth brush that picks up just enough product and provides long lasting wear.

Concealer Brush


A flatend brush used to create a flawless complection

with even tone weather you are using liquid or powder concealer.

Foundation Brush


This is used for liquid foundation and helps create an even complection

 Bronzing Brush


A soft, fluffy brush for bronzing powder or cover up.

Blush Brush


A soft, poofy brush angled for applying brush along your cheek bone.

Defining Eye Brush


An angled brush that perfectly fits along your lash line and eyelid crease.

Can also be used for applying gel or liquid eye liner.

Blending Brush 


Helps you evenly blend one color into another.

Eyeliner Smudge Sponge


A small soft, spongey brush that helps you smudge your eyeliner or shadow

for a dramatic or even casual smokey eye.

Brow Comb


A tool that evens out your eyebrows to help you tweeze or groom them to your shape.

Lip Definition Brush



Used for applying lip gloss, balm, or stick or even perfecting lip liner.

Eyelash Curler 


Used for curling your lashes to make them volumous and long, either before or after mascara. 


I have been using a Revlon lipstick that I can’t leave at the house. It is always in my make up bag or in my purse. I have the color Primrose and it is a light shade of pink. It looks great when you’re wearing white, with darker eye make-up. Darker the eyes, lighter the lips. I usually add a layer of gloss on top of it to give it more of a shine. It lasts a pretty long time and the color comes out great. I like the way it goes with my complection. Here is a picture of the color I use:

Prim-Rose-668This can be bought at any drug store or found online.

Click here for an easy buy.