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Hey Everybody! I havn’t been on my blog in so long, its not even funny. My knowledge of fashion and beauty has expanded so much since I’ve last posted and I can’t wait to post more on a regular basis! Hope you are all still interested in reading my posts. I found this awesome website that I’m obsessed with called Polyvore. You can make so many outfits and shar them with people. So you’ll definitly see some from me. Have a great Thanksgiving!

Untitled #118

Black shorts
$29 –

2b studded purse


164I think that these are just so cute and flirty. I love the royal blue color and all of the bows make it look so girly and chic. I like the clutch also but not a huge fan of the skull knob/piece on it. I really like the red under color of the shoes too(: I would wear these with a cute dress or ever a little black dress.

I have an obsession with shoes and its about time I make posts about them! Heels, pumps, sandals, flats or boots. All of them! Though I don’t have the  collection, I spend a fair share of time drooling over ones that I wish I had. So here is my first favorite pair! Let me know if you love them too or if you don’t!

IMG_0149[1]I love the color, love the ruffles and I love the ankle strap. These will actually make your legs or ankles look thinner because of the thick strap. Wish I hade these ❤ They’d match my dress perfectly!