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Hey Everybody! I havn’t been on my blog in so long, its not even funny. My knowledge of fashion and beauty has expanded so much since I’ve last posted and I can’t wait to post more on a regular basis! Hope you are all still interested in reading my posts. I found this awesome website that I’m obsessed with called Polyvore. You can make so many outfits and shar them with people. So you’ll definitly see some from me. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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Black shorts
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2b studded purse


So not too long ago I posted my fashion farewell. But I have decided to continue doing my blog anyway because I actually enjoy it and its amazing that I’ve connected with other people from around the country who share the same passion. Now I”m excited! I can actually put more of MY pictures on here. Woohoo(:

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To all my followers here on my blog, I thought I should inform you that I there will not be any more posts from Pretty Passions. For those who didn’t know, I took  this blogging class in school and it is the end of the semester. I really enjoyed sharing my fashion and beauty tips and ideas with everyone and I also enjoyed reading yours. But don’t be sad! I also have a you-tube channel that I just started on beauty and fashion. So instead of blogging, I’ll be vlogging! Makeup and clothes and such will always be a big passion of mine and I don’t plan on letting it go anytime soon. I just have to let go of my blog. Maybe I will continue doing more posts in the future as I strive for college in the cosmetology field. Or even before then to tell you all about my journey  Thank you so much for understanding and even reading my blog! It really means a lot to me. Take care!

With much love,

Devan McKinley

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Tis the season! To get this week’s nails, all your going to need for colors are red and white. Santa hats! So the first step is to make the triangular shape of the red hat. Starting at the bottom corners of your nails and coming to a point in the middle ot a little bit past the middle. After that dries, take your white and make a little white dot of the pom pom on the top of the triangle and then little white puffs at the bottom for the fuzz. And done! Here is the finished look:



I have been using a Revlon lipstick that I can’t leave at the house. It is always in my make up bag or in my purse. I have the color Primrose and it is a light shade of pink. It looks great when you’re wearing white, with darker eye make-up. Darker the eyes, lighter the lips. I usually add a layer of gloss on top of it to give it more of a shine. It lasts a pretty long time and the color comes out great. I like the way it goes with my complection. Here is a picture of the color I use:

Prim-Rose-668This can be bought at any drug store or found online.

Click here for an easy buy.

A late fall trend that I’ve noticed is leather jackets. I love leather jackets. They can be red, black, brown or tan and their adorable. Well most anyway. Leather Jackets almost give your that bad ass look without doing a single thing. They are also sexy or even cute. Usually colors are associated with the emotion. Black means tough, red means sexy and tan or brown is cute. You can match the jacket with boots, scarves or even jewelry. I am a personal fan of shorter leather jackets. I think they’re more trendy. Take a look(:


See what I’m saying? Add a cute tank top, skinny jeans, boots and jewelry or a scarf. Good to go!

You can get leather jackets at some department stores, places like Macy’s, Deb, JCPenny ect. Heres a place that has really cute ones.

For those who think that red lipstick is risky, I agree. However I also think it is a great risk to take. As long as you know how to wear it, then do it. Who knows how to wear it?

Taylor Swift


Red lipstick looks great with a very light color like that beige-oatmeal shade or white. Along with red, black, and the classic black and white stripes. Sometimes white and grey but it really depends on the outfit. Blonde hair, blue eyes and red lips. Stunning. But the red with dark hair is gorgeous as well.

When I wear red lipstick, I am super careful. Because some how I always seem to find a way to smudge it off my lips and then it stains me skin. Have the same issue? Well I found a solution. To stop that feathering, apply chapstick a little on and around your lips. The lipstick wont cling to the chapstick on your skin. Still smear it? Whipe off the chapstick and lip stick together. It should all work out smoothly.