For those who think that red lipstick is risky, I agree. However I also think it is a great risk to take. As long as you know how to wear it, then do it. Who knows how to wear it?

Taylor Swift


Red lipstick looks great with a very light color like that beige-oatmeal shade or white. Along with red, black, and the classic black and white stripes. Sometimes white and grey but it really depends on the outfit. Blonde hair, blue eyes and red lips. Stunning. But the red with dark hair is gorgeous as well.

When I wear red lipstick, I am super careful. Because some how I always seem to find a way to smudge it off my lips and then it stains me skin. Have the same issue? Well I found a solution. To stop that feathering, apply chapstick a little on and around your lips. The lipstick wont cling to the chapstick on your skin. Still smear it? Whipe off the chapstick and lip stick together. It should all work out smoothly.