I love this look of the smokey purple eye, especially because I have green eyes. I discovered how to do this look mainly the night of a formal dance and I was wearing a purple dress. My mom, who used to be a beautition, did my makeup for me and I loved it. So I tried it again myself. Lets get strted(:

First of course you want to do you foundation, primer, base, all that fun stuff. I used a liquid foundation and a concealer. Next, you want to take a white or vanilla color. Take an eye shadow brush and put it on the inner corners of your eyes, your brow bones, and lightly on your lids. Next take a shade of purple of your choice. My was Maybelline’s sexy smokes Amethyst. Apply the purple starting in the middle of your lid and carrying it out to the outer corner, almost giving it a feathery, disperaring, and smoley look off your eye. Next take a darker color, like a grey-ish black and apply some at the very outer corner. Then bled all together, apply liner, mascara and your good to go.

Heres my  example: