Whether your throwing your hair up on a lazy day or you’re doing it to match your outfit, her is a way to get the perfect bun. You could use something that is called a hair donut, which you can usually find in most drug stores, but I know a way that everyone can use if you don’t have one. All you need is a sock. (clean of course) Yep, it’s the famous sock bun. I’ll do this step by step and find a tutorial as well from youtube.


1.) Get a sock. Ones longer than an ankle sock will work better.

2.) Use scissors to cut of the toe part. Enough for you to get your fingers through.

3.) Roll the sock up from one end to the other by pushing the sock upwards through a hole to make a donut shape.

4.) Put your hair in a ponytail. (where your going to want your bun)

5.) Grab and hold the sock donut as if it were a hair elastic. Start at the end or tip of your ponytail and put the sock around it.

6.) Spread out the end of your hair somewhat evenly throughout the surface of the sock. Pull that hair around the sock and roll it just as you did before.

7.) Continue to do this down the entire ponytail until you get to your haed and it is tight. Secure with bobby pins if needed. Viola!