Time to ugrade for those cheesey tools that come with your eye shadow pallet and get some real makeup tools. Here are some basics that you should have and what they are used for:

Eye Shadow Brush 


A Speacilly sheered, smooth brush that picks up just enough product and provides long lasting wear.

Concealer Brush


A flatend brush used to create a flawless complection

with even tone weather you are using liquid or powder concealer.

Foundation Brush


This is used for liquid foundation and helps create an even complection

 Bronzing Brush


A soft, fluffy brush for bronzing powder or cover up.

Blush Brush


A soft, poofy brush angled for applying brush along your cheek bone.

Defining Eye Brush


An angled brush that perfectly fits along your lash line and eyelid crease.

Can also be used for applying gel or liquid eye liner.

Blending Brush 


Helps you evenly blend one color into another.

Eyeliner Smudge Sponge


A small soft, spongey brush that helps you smudge your eyeliner or shadow

for a dramatic or even casual smokey eye.

Brow Comb


A tool that evens out your eyebrows to help you tweeze or groom them to your shape.

Lip Definition Brush



Used for applying lip gloss, balm, or stick or even perfecting lip liner.

Eyelash Curler 


Used for curling your lashes to make them volumous and long, either before or after mascara.