Having skinny jeans in your wardrobe can give you so many more options for outfits. You can wear thigh high, knee high, mid high, or even ankle boots with these jeans. Whether they be leather, fuzzy, shiny, soft, chunky, spiked, loose, or tight.

There are different washes and styles for everyone. Whether you like darker or light jeans, to the style of pockets. Skinny jeans looks best with a longer shirt or sweater. A shorter shirt can make your torso look thicker or stumpier. Some people can pull of a belted skinny jean with a short shirt, however that’s not what skinny jeans are intended for.

And here’s a plus. Skinny jeans make your butt look great! Weather you have a booty or you think you have no butt. I guarantee you can find a pair of skinny that are very flattering on you.