This post is all about drawing attention to your eyes using your makeup. Already know how to do this? Great! But are you using the right colors? Here’s a quick and easy way to figure it out. Just find you eye color below:

Brown: You should use neutral, earth tone colors. Browns, Vanillas, Beiges, and deep greens if you’d like.

Green: No matter what shade of green eyes you have, plums (a shade of purple) will always make your eye pop. Earth tones as well such as the browns, beiges, vanillas, and deep greens. Light greens too.

Blue: Use and shade of blue that you like, but keep in mind a little goes a long way. Sometimes blue eye shadow, even on blue eyes, can be over powering. White and creamy vanillas will give your eyes that icy pop. Light pinks and smoky grays as well.

Hazel: You can wear any of the brown or green eyed pallets found above.

Note: If you don’t have blue eyes, NEVER wear blue eye shadow.