Fall is here and its getting a bit cooler. Sadly, its time to put the cute bikini and your favorite pair of flip flops in the closet. However, now we can move on to fall fashion! Boots and sweaters for a cute and warm style. So lets get right to it.

Starting with the fall color pallet. You want to wear warm, relaxed colors. Browns, oranges, greens, dull reds and dark purples. May it be the color of your shall, sweater, coat, or shoes.

Boots! ❤  Open toed shoes are out of season now. Slip on, zip ups, and tie shoes are the way to go now and into winter. Brown or even black boots are adorable with most any outfit. Weather they be flat or healed. How to wear them? Over skinny jeans or under boot cut or flares jeans. Having a lazy day? Wear something more like the popular UGG styled boot.

It may be cold, but that big winter coat? Um…no. Save it for snow. Get a stylish coat. In at the moment is leather, but if its not your style, there are much more that will always be cute. Belted coats or button up coats always look good. Still cold? Layer up. Or even add a cute scarf. There are endless possibilities.